Somewhere I Belong
My name is Fábio Castro, I'm 17 years old and my passion is MUSIC.
My favourite bands are Bring Me The Horizon, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Three Days Grace e Lana del Rey.
Proud Potterhead and i want to find someone that makes me happy and likes Harry Potter series.

Anónimo said:

Find it ironic?

A little

Anónimo said:

I'm not even sure if you use this anymore... I hope you do. Because if you do you'll see this and maybe you'll feel happier. I am not attracted to the personalities of anyone I've ever met yet I have spent the past couple of hours stalking your tumblr & found myself attracted to your interests & your perception. I find that ironic, my question to you is, do you?

Do i what?


Bring Me The Horizon by on Flickr.

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Kurt Cobain died 20 years ago today. Look back at our 1994 interview with the Nirvana frontman where he opens up about about stardom, fatherhood, his feud with Pearl Jam, the death of grunge, and why he’s never been happier in his life.
"对不起, 让你遇上了我
I’m sorry that you met me."
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